Healing House


As a collective of business owners, we have each faced our own individual hardships while walking the path to self-discovery.

Serving together, we work towards the common goal of reclaiming holistic dominion for the

entrepreneurial minded and for couples ready to tie their souls to destiny!

BriJoRae Productions I Dream a World-32.

Alyssa Longoria

Production Designer & Team Assistant

Alyssa is a wife and the heart of our team, always there when you need a hug, help and/or someone to make all things pretty! A major multi-tasker, she also helps her husband run their family business, NOTO Bistro by Thin & Crisp!

Make-Up Artist

Angela Green

Angela is a mom, a daughter and a friend...

Florist, Wedding Production Designer

Ariel Unselt

Ariel is a wife, mother of three and is known around town as the Rogue Florist!


Miranda Chavez-Hazim


Miranda is a wife, a mother and an avid animal lover! You can find billons of photos of her bunnies plastered all over her Facebook page! Something else you'll always catch her sharing online are her many favorite spots around Topeka! She can't help it, she LOVES her city!

Felisha Meadows


Felisha is the wife of a fighter, the mother to beautiful girls and loves all things #BlackGirlMagic...

Jasira Monique'

Writer, Educator, Social Media Expert

Jasira is the mother of a young king a tiny queen! She is firm in her belief of standing for women and making sure that all have the right to prevail.


BriJoRae'  Pusch-Zuniga

Photographer, Videographer & Client Consultant

Bri is a lover of God, the earth and all its inhabitants. The wife of and National Guard soldier, she enjoys following him around with her camera, hoping to catch him off guard. (You see what I did there...) Need someone to crack dumb jokes to make you feel better about your wit? She's got you!

Make-Up Artist

Yolanda Fletcher

Yolanda is the woman of her house as a boy mom and the best friend to her husband Garret. 

Videographer, Marketing Consultant

Zacheriah Woodward

Zacheriah, the tough guy of the team, is actually a teddy bear in disguise! He loves his wife, his children and has a passion for helping other entrepreneurs find their way. 






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