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Sand Dunes

a call to MINISTRY

a call to MINISTRY

our love for the Lord is Ordained 

and in it's purest simplicity, our hearts for God and His people, are what birth ministry within us.Bri has a passion for seeing people abundantly flourishing in their purpose. Because of this love, in 2017 Bri was ordained as a Christian minister in the non-denominational church by her father in ministry, Apostle TaZaras Isom. Following the call of the Spirit, Bri served under her pastor for three years where she was led down a path of holistic healing and self awareness. This awareness became the platform upon which her call to ministry stands.  

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 planning & officiating

Getting married?? 

I have been styling and photographing beauty productions for over fifteen years and capturing weddings for ten. With a knack for discovering some of the most scenic, remote travel destinations, I've ended up with a flare for planning some beautiful elopements - and that's not even the best part!


Whether or not you need help planning your ceremony, as an ordained minister, my primary focus is to help guide you into marriage with God and your union remaining your central focus. Let's be real- we live in a world where weddings can easily become more important than your actual marriage. 

Not only do elopements provide a far more intimate atmosphere, but while standing on a mountain top or footsteps from the ocean, you are far more keenly aware of the unmistakeable presence of God standing before you and the one you love.


So, after a couple pre-marital guidance sessions, alongside my husband, we can conduct your ceremony in a glory-filled atmosphere, sealing your union in earth as it is in heaven.


Oh! We do                                                too! ;)



vow renewals


purpose recovery & holistic healing

Each of us is born with God-given gifts, custom crafted to aid us in walking into purpose. The struggle is, many are unaware these gifts can be communicated to and through us via our senses. For example, our eyes are attracted to certain aesthetics. Our hands to certain tasks and cultivations. Even our hearts warm when we feel something we've longed to feel or when our minds finally understand a thing. 


Ever wonder if the ways you inherently interact with the world, are just a part of who you are meant to be? That maybe what your heart longs for, has been your calling all along?

I will never claim to be able to tell you what your purpose is, but I can pray with you and help you look deeper into yourself, while you discover the spiritual gifts God has given you and your unique way of expressing them. Once those discoveries are made, I can also connect you with resources to help you learn to use your gifts as effectively as you can. 


With the discoveries you make and the tools you collect during your spiritual journey, I pray you will feel empowered to continue walking forward into purpose, freedom and destiny - into who and what God has called YOU to be. 


Already know your purpose but needing help to get back to the reason you were called? This lane is for you too! 



Aerial View of Barren Land
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Mountain Landscape

and because we are not meant to do it all alone...

Mountain House


retreat to the mountain, life is calling

In 1975 Bill Bright and Loren Cunningham met for the very first time. It just so happened that God spoke to each of these leaders that very week about the importance of the 7 cultural spheres, or mind molders, as Bill Bright called them, if we are to affect the culture for Jesus Christ. These 7 areas were business, government, media, entertainment, family, education and religion. Unfortunately, their efforts did not affect much change because their attempt to effect these areas was done mainly through the religion mountain instead of focusing on all the mountains as a whole. These leaders raised up young people as missionaries for evangelism, but failed to raise up leaders in these other spheres including the business sphere...

...and under this- the 7th Mountain Mandate, Mountain House Ministries was born. Healers, artists, everyday people, we are a tribe of hearts gathering together with the common goal of being filled, free, happy and whole love, giving to God's people, the gifts and freedom He is giving us!

...join us...

Does your heart beat to the same drum?

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