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Hey church!

Most of what you think is witchcraft, is actually God.

Here’s the key- men are witches. Power is GOD.

Man will take power and twist it to his own end. But it doesn’t mean the gift was created by anything other than the Master. …and this is why He checks us about our HEARTS. What is the intent??? Because witchcraft is simply BIBLICALLY defined as rebellion… The movies will twist your world view but there are witches (rebellious people) sitting next to you at church. Those who would follow their own will over the Father’s. There are definitely depths to this… but power comes in many forms both great and small- how you use your power is what will tell you if you yourself have been practicing rebellion. But the power to CHANGE your mind is still yours. That is the definition of repentance. 🙏🏾

Go read all of Romans 11… specifically:

“For the gifts and calling of God are WITHOUT repentance.”

Romans 11:29


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