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The Native Road

The Native Road



BriJoRae' Pusch-Zuniga

is a traveling photographer, videographer, writer and holistic healer. Using her art to share visions and lessons God has placed in her heart, Bri's work has been locally and internationally published. As her focus remains feeding her hometown of Topeka, KS, you can check out her work here, on "The Native Road" and in some of Bri's favorite affiliate publications 

KANSAS! Magazine, 

Kansas Weddings Magazine,

TK Business and Topeka Magazine. 


The wife of a health driven and naturally minimalistic Native man, Bri shares Ty's passion for making a holistic lifestyle of abundance, adventure and spiritual connectedness, an accessible reality to all who desire it. They believe freedom and a deeper love of life is given to you when you're able to experience the earth as it was originally created.

"Experiencing creation opens our hearts and allows us to reconnect with purpose. When the earth is bare, just natural before us, without all the clutter and noise of the city, our eyes open to what and who we truly are- to WHO the Creator is- something, someone... so much GREATER...  and BIGGER. In the earth, we are given holistic wisdom and the key to heavens door is unlocked - just as it was for Adam and Eve before they lost sight..."

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