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Build Your House On

...a Native Nazarite podcast...

As we receive freedom, so shall you!
Dive deep with us as we garner tools we can use to live a holistic & self-sustainable life.



and lessons from the road

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Entyse and BriJoRae Productions Nazarite

Entyse Pusch-Zuniga

is a strong-willed Nazarite Christian Apologist serving God as a political game-changer. He believes freedom and dominion are God-given gifts that every man and woman is born with, and that should never be taken away. Yet in the common case that you find yourself lost, you are given tools from your Creator to recover what is yours - to recover your identity.

In this space, you are invited to recover all that was taken from you so that you may live a fully self-sustainable life under God and His vastly open heaven.


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