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Have you ever been so far away from everyone and everything you've ever known, all on your own... in a space... in a time where no one knows you and you can just reinvent yourself if you choose to? And honestly, somehow rather than choosing to reinvent yourself, you instead begin shedding these externally imposed layers and slowly but surely, get to know who you REALLY are... and realize you can just Be that... with nothing and no one to stop you... All the distractions and the preconceived notions... of his and her and that opinion on YOUR life... are just gone. Dead. And you... get to...




You.. get to CHOOSE... live... walk and even glide gracefully around free as a bird... learning to fly for the first time... never having known such freedom...

So now... this moment, is an unshakeable certainty... that you really are, beautiful... wonderful... creatively crafted and therefore capable and strong and... Free.

That... is what the Ocean has been to me... the physical manifestation of the purest and most authentic dwelling place conceivable... an indwelling Peace…



Such a simple journey... wandering the western states, just heading north on Highway One... and yet heading everywhere I never knew I needed to venture in Life... Forward.


BriJoRae' Pusch-Zuniga

Slow Living Artist, Healing Healer

Welcome Friends! I'm BriJoRae', a wife, a woman, an artist, embracing slow living and learning what it is to just Be... deeply happy, holistically healthy, and sustainably fulfilled. After spending most of my life looking down on myself for mistakes I made as a young girl, feeling ashamed rather than beautiful, I took a journey... I believed, at first, that I was all alone but soon discovered the manifest presence of True Beauty all around me... God, His extraordinary nature (both physical and spiritual), and the beautiful man He gifted me to dwell in Eden with... and... You, whomever you may be... all of us - the beautiful vessels meandering in this present space of existence... seeking to be filled, longing to just... Be.


Maybe like you, it took some time for me to open up enough to receive the love God had for me... but after dedicating myself and my time to His process of immense mental, physical and spiritual healing - to becoming wholly who I truly am - God revealed in my heart, a desire to share with others what He had given me. Freedom... ...a key to unlocking the door to His heaven for others. But let me clarify... this key is already in YOUR hand... and in YOUR heart, just as it was in mine.


All I had to do was learn to sit in His presence and glean His wondrous glory. For so long, I believed I was what needed to be still... but as He caught me up in His wonder, He released my senses to a stillness I'd not known had always existed all around me- at all times, even in the midst of the storms of life. His words and beautiful thoughts... He was always there, within...


He taught me to meditate in nature, coming out of the "nature" I'd once believed was my own... to open up to His way of healing people all over the world. In so doing, I was gifted the most important gift I've ever received... the intimacy of His Spirit and the Depths of His love... I stepped into a world I'd never truly known I could live in on this side of "heaven"- in this particular existence... but He said it... "The Kingdom of heaven IS AT HAND."

And so here I am... open-hearted, open-handed, and desiring to pass this gift on to you, through the release of your soul, mind, and body, to receive Spirit... Your Spirit. 

Here in this space, I hope to encourage you to tap into your Truth... to take a journey into Your Light, and learn who and what God says You are... 

...God bless your journey...

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Nature does not hurry, and yet everything is accomplished.

-Lao Tzu


cultivating an art of living slowly and intimately


Heal the Mind


MATCHA MINDFULNESS is a form of tea meditation. Tea meditation involves practicing mindful presence before, during and gently following the act of a tea ritual. While making your matcha you may be mindful of its scent and vibrant color, the sounds you hear while pouring it and its flavor while drinking. Focusing on the act of creating your tea and noticing the sensations that arise can help you to bring mindfulness into this simple, everyday action.



MINDFUL LISTENING is the practice of listening without interruption, judgment or criticism, while also being mindful of your own internal conversations which can get in the way of hearing and responding to others effectively. Learning to listen mindfully in everyday conversations is impactful and the practice of mindful listening can also be applied to meditation. In a world that is filled with sounds we can judge as chaotic or intrusive to our mental state, the practice of sitting still without a guided meditation and rather, tapping into one sound in the environment at a time, can help us learn to release our self-imposed judgments that can create the auditory stressors we unconsciously cling to in everyday life.

MINDFUL WALKING is an art crafted by the late Buddhist monk and peace activist Thich Nhat Hanh. In our everyday lives, we can focus so much on getting where we plan to go that we pay little attention to how fast our feet are moving, or even the fact that we have feet to get us from place to place at all. At the Buddhist monastery Plum Village and all around the world, people inspired by Thich Nhat Hanh’s daily practice of walking mindfully, simply step out in nature and focus their attention on the feel of each step as it hits the earth beneath them. Wherever you may be, the sole purpose of mindful walking is to mentally detach from all other thoughts or actions and be presently aware of one step at a time.



Heal the Body

SLOW LIVING MEDITATION is the art of cultivating a mindful awareness and spiritual connection to the actions of everyday living. Similar to a matcha meditation, one slow living meditation can be found while tapping into the present moment as you cook. Tips to connect to the spirit of this meditation are to allow yourself to realize the meditative moments majesty is connected to your desire to fill yourself and those you love with warmth and life sustaining nutrients. Consider choosing one of the vegetables you prepare and study a bit about what specific benefits consuming it provides you and your families bodies. This can allow you to connect spiritually with that life-giving ingredient! While you're cooking and then consuming it, allow yourself a moment of gratitude, creating space to receive those benefits on an emotional and spiritual level. Another form of slow living meditation could be experienced while connecting to nature while kayaking or cuddling a loved one and ruminating on the essence of why their touch gives you peace.

LIGHT BATH​ BODY SCAN is a transformative healing practice involving focusing inward, examining and connecting to the physical and emotional body. While scanning your body from the crown of your head to the base of your feet for pain, tension, or discomforts, you can not only become more one with your physical being, but can uncover unevaluated emotions hidden within different areas of the body. Opening up the heart, mind, body to the Spirit to allow the frequency of love and life force to illuminate the painful spaces, is how healing begins. ***As with many forms of meditation, it is possible to become aware of trauma or other forms of discomfort. In this case, it is recommended to be gentle with yourself, resting when needed. While shedding light on our need for healing is important, we do not need to torment ourselves by pushing too far too fast. If you uncover emotional, physical or mental fatigue or distress, consider consulting a professional who can help you find peace and healing. There is no shame in healing. This is why you’re here.

YOGA is an ancient system of practices used to balance the mind and body through exercise, meditation, and mindful breathing. At times mistaken as a religion, yoga is actually one of the world's oldest forms of moving meditation. During a yoga practice, while using elements of somatic body scanning and present moment awareness, you are able to move through different postures, breathing peaceful, healing energy into the physical and emotional body. One way of incorporating religion into the exercise of yoga is through YogaFaith practice. YogaFaith is a Christian yoga practice founded by educator Michelle Thielen, where we practice the art of attuning to the Spirit of God during our practice, allowing Him to enlighten our paths as we meditate on His word, will and way for our lives.


Heal the Soul

SEATED MEDITATION is a silent practice best observed in a quiet and still environment. Whether in nature or a quiet room, the goal of silent seated meditation is to still the mind, body and soul, fostering a state of peace, relaxation and a focus on interbeing. As this practice can also be done lying down, practitioners commonly wear sound-deadening headphones or retreat into nature, focusing only on the breath, the feeling of the breath in the body and the space found within the absence of sound.

FOREST BATHING is a Japanese process of relaxation involving retreating into the calm and quiet of wilderness. While observing trees, rushing waters and other aspects of nature, you are encouraged to breathe deeply and listen to refreshing sounds of the natural world we were birthed out of. Many people include the art of grounding into their forest bathing experience. Also called earthing, grounding is a therapeutic technique involving reconnecting your body (usually bare feet) to the earth, allowing electrical charges from the earth to decrease inflammation from the body and boost the immune system.​

PRANAYAMA BREATHING EXERCISE is a breathing practice involving the focus on and control of the breath as well as attunement to "prana" or life force energy. Pranayama techniques are usually practiced through a pattern of inhalation, breath retention, and exhalation which have been clinically proven to provide mental, emotional and physical benefits including reducing anxiety, improving focus and attention, increasing mental and physical energy, as well as boosting positivity and the immune system and slowing aging. One of the simplest forms of pranayama breathing is to expand the inhalation and exhalation, pausing at the top and bottom of each breath. While practicing this pattern, you can attune to the spiritual connectivity of the life sustaining power that is the breath, its origins and your connectedness to the Spirit of God as He moves through you.



Connect with Spirit


PRAYER is defined as an invocation or act seeking to activate a relationship with an object of worship through deliberate communication​. In the Bible, we are taught to commune with God, approaching Him through the gates of thanksgiving. Communing suggests not only speaking but connecting intimately and holistically. Thanksgiving is not always easily accessible but can be tapped into. Meditating on the love and presence of God and the words He has spoken over your life is one of the most peaceful, soul and life opening practices you can partake in. No matter where you are or in what manner you come to Him, the goal is to simply open yourself up, and not only speak but holistically receive. When we allow ourselves to mentally, physically and spiritually connect with God, He awakens our entire being, depositing His love, fullness and revelation into us. Through the act of prayer and meditative surrender, we are able to enter His ultimate peace and transcendence. Any of the meditations found here can serve as not only a gateway to stillness but a gateway to living and breathing in the presence and Spirit of  the God of heaven and earth! A daily practice can transform any and all moments of your waking space into LIVING in Eden with your Creator!

SOUND BATHS are a deeply-immersive, full-body listening experience that intentionally use sound to invite a gentle yet therapeutic and restorative process of nurturing the mind and body. Usually performed with the aid of Tibetan singing bowls attuned to the natural frequency of the earth, sound baths can begin with lying down or sitting in a comfortable position, often with a blanket, and clearing the senses through first focusing on the breath. As the singing bowls begin to play, you can feel the auditory vibrations resonating throughout your body, allowing a sense of ease and relaxation to settle you almost immediately. Like with singing bowls, sound bathing can be received through focusing your mind and allowing your senses to attune to the sounds, frequencies and spirit of the ocean, birds singing, wind blowing and other pure and naturally harmonious earthen auditory experiences.

SIGHT CLEANSING is similar in nature to sound and forest bathing. While auditory aid can be quite soothing, the purpose of a sight bath or sight cleansing is to clean the ocular field. Similar to sound bombardment, an over abundance of visual stimuli can distract the mind and disrupt the nervous system, resulting in anxious or agitated behaviors. ​To partake in a sight bath, it is recommended to spend time away from visual distractions like screens or overly populated areas. Retreating into nature, resting near the ocean or large bodies of water is one of the most awe-inspiring visually dynamic ocular cleansing remedies you can experience. The wide expanse of open sea can create a simpler, yet extraordinary space of visual rest. Practicing a meditation like mindful listening or attuning to the naturally occurring water sound bath that is the ocean can cleanse your senses and allow you to receive the pure and majestic calm that is the Spirit of the ocean.




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Meditate with Us!

While our primary platform for sharing our craft is right here online, from time to time we enjoy popping up and connecting with you guys in person! If you'd like to meet up with us at our next meditative art experience or speaking engagement, follow our journey on Instagram, where we also share daily road life stories, sound healings, and mini-meditations!


Want to learn how you can support our Pop-Ups and our Tiny House Journey?!


"...and we are... as we were before death was a part of 'life'..."-BriJoRae'


(To enjoy a beautiful sensory experience as you wander the art shop, press play on the music bar in the header.)

Want to learn more about cultivating an artistic life of freedom and slow living?

Book your own meditative art experience with me!

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Booking BriJoRae'



EarthenFineArt &Altar Commissions  |  Speaking Engagements 


An ordained Christian minister, certified in Reiki, scientific mindfulness, and meditation, BriJoRae' strives to express her love to God daily, through the healing arts of slow and meditative living. In her writing and mixed media earthen art, you are invited into the Eden where Bri discovered her authentic self, and began the journeys of walking out her purpose, one with her God, her divine womanhood, her husband, and all of creation.


Slow Living Artist was created for the "soul" purpose of guiding others into their own divinely intimate connection with God and creation.


Through the curation of a one-of-a-kind art piece and in-home prayer altar crafted to connect you with your own heavenly story, Bri and Ty will bless you and your space with a uniquely intimate way to commune with your Creator. Your sacred window into Eden is first and forever in your heart... yet your altar will exist for the days you may need just a little more help or a little more peace, fun, and freedom.


Bri and Ty love to share the healing arts with community and friends! This is why this space and every piece of art has been crafted and each healing art has been studied and practiced. What they've learned for their own healing, is openly given. Whatever the atmosphere, whoever you are, Bri & Ty are happy to share with you and your friends, the benefits of slow, meditative, and holistic living, sharing their stories, practices, and meditative arts, in effort to walk beside you on your journey to living a more holistically healthy life.

Contact us for questions about booking!



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He shall be like a tree, planted by the                  of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, whose leaf also shall not wither; and whatever he does shall prosper.


-the Living Word

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