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First, we thank you so much for taking the time to consider uplifting us on our journey! 

All support provided aids in funding our traveling donation-based meditation classes and the self-build of our tiny healing house on wheels! Your kindness will help with the cost of building materials, meditative art and videography tools, and more! We DEEPLY love our craft! Serving while being One with God and His Creation means everything to us and this is why for any support you feel led to provide, we are eternally grateful! Your encouragement helps us stay focused on simply creating and serving in this great Eden we call home while giving all we can to the beautiful people who live in it alongside us! 

We believe what our Father says about giving from the heart! "Freely you have received, freely give" which is why we continue forward, living and serving in His Way each and every day!


If your heart connects with ours and the heart of our ministry...


...humbly, WE THANK YOU, welcome you, and

love you with all we are and all we have! 

As always, God bless your journey!

-Ty & Be





Thank you! We love you!

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