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Christianity, Holistic Healing & Meditation

Happy Sunday family!

So, as you've noticed, I've begun sharing a bit more about my holistic healing journey of late- in particular, resources on meditation!

As a Christian, I love God, I love Jesus and I also love the different cultural and ritualistic (religious) freedoms He's been teaching me from different parts of the world! While I don't identify as Buddhist, I find MANY of their peaceful practices speak volumes of healing to my soul- the main one being meditation- and I practice faithfully.

In my sight, religion is not God, but a means of connecting with Him and applying the lessons He's taught you, so you can LIVE freely and abundantly. We need not have debate over religion but rather, try to understand whom it is we wish to communicate with and why. Many of us seek a higher power... for me, that higher power- even if you refer to Him as the Universe- He is God. He is living energy, Creator and dwells in His creation, you, me, the wind and the trees... the sea and it's splendor- we all are connected by the atom. Energy- it's all just science... but science with Personality and Superior Consciousness. Anyhoo... we'll go deeper there soon enough.

Buddhists have historically mastered the art of meditation and even teach it in ways that are easily accessible to a Christian with an open mind and open ears. No matter where we are or what we are doing, if we listen for God, He speaks! Meditation and many other forms of holistic healing are becoming more and more successfully shared with the west and being accepted as truth, by more and more people, as they are healed. The beauty of most (not to say all- but most) holistic and natural healing methods is they teach us to get back to using the resources of the earth as God instructed - for, how and why He instructed. AND many of these methods can open up a ready-made mind, to the types of miraculous healings Jesus performed with simply the touch of a hand. In the west, we can sometimes view these methods as whimsical or witchery but this is Jesus we're talking about. The pharisees called Him a witch- but why? If God created the universe and all you know as reality (and even the things that we cannot see) then God created science. The transferring of energy is simply a science. Just because we don't fully understand how it works, doesn't mean it's a lie. We merely need understanding- he who has an ear, let him hear. Some stuff is just over our heads- until we ask to better understand what He said is possible!

So... let's get this thing going! If you have any specific questions, feel free to comment them below. I'll do what I can to share what I know and we can together find resources on the things which we do not know! For now, in the spirit of healing and freedom, I wanted to share a beautiful resource with you all! This is a simple conversation with a Buddhist monk about mental wellness and learning to accept who you were created to be- something not too hard to chew on to get the conversation started! I hope it blesses someone, as it blessed me!

God bless you beautiful people!


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