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Holiness & Living Light... living water.

Purity is not simply the absence of blemish.

It is more, the washing away of spot or wrinkle. It is not a state of being before it is an act... one that cannot be made by us as mere mortals... all on our own. But by the hand of the Holy Spirit which wipes these tears from our eyes, and even in the midst of our suffering... presents us before His holy throne, where the light of His face shining upon us, creates a moment in time where all existence stands still and we... us and He... are One. We, even blinded, see and by consecration and consummation, are... His holy Light.

...we are One with His holy name, with His holiness and glory, His truest form and being... for He is Spirit. And we are... as we were before death was a part of "life." He said we would die if we stood before the Greatness of His glory... and yet... He walked with us in the garden before we lost our sight... before we knew death. What could we see, if we allowed ourselves to be free? To die in the flesh... to live in His Spirit... what would we...


Thee Spirit. He IS our purity. He IS our life... our life source energy. The one who Created us and knew us and called us all by name... as He breathed into our flesh the essence of life itself. When He pressed HIS holy hands of life... of Spirit formed in breath itself- like air dusting across the universe, whispering across the ground, pulling up sand and mud and becoming the stature seen as living being... in that moment, all at once, we were defined as WHOLE.


CREATION. Spirit in flesh. Man AND woman.

In this moment, even man and woman were One... with one another, with Creator and creation. We simply...


LIFE. Breathed air. In an instant, we were that instant. That moment in time. Time and I... We... were One.


And somewhere along the way, though we may have gotten lost, stumbled and fell, scraped our knees and elbows... dashed our head against the earth... even from the ground... in the wind, His voice whispered, get back up... again.

And we, having faith, while not even knowing what the substance of faith was... got back up again. Our heads a bit damaged from the fall... dazed, confused, hurt and afraid... but never alone... and all in all, still in One piece, whether we understood so or not.

Still owned by One. to be... Won.

And because His voice carried us up from the earth, a world He created for us... where even now, holds hidden canyons drowned in shadows so deep, they seem to be eternal darkness... yet and still... at least in one moment in a day- no matter how fleeting that moment may be... there is light- because You are there... and we are there... here.... and

We are One.

Here... with the light in between the canyon walls... You knock down boulders.... crashing them to the earth with such violent force, it shakes away the pain... shakes away the fear... and we tremble... although mesmerized by Your fire and the glorious SOUND accompanying your decision to slay the dark, that we may live in Your precious light.

You are a thunderous FREEDOM.

So here... in the midst of what seemed insurmountable odds... unclimbable obstacles... walls are no longer barriers. You've transformed them into bridges and we are again exposed before the glory of Your all consuming Light... the Son... and the oceans that never faded away, but were only hidden from our sight... and as we step out onto the water, You are right by our side... holding our Spirit in the palm of Your being... and we receive... grace... restoration. Freedom, unbarred...


Here... in this moment, in the blink of an eye- at the same speed everything seemed to fall... we came to LIFE.

We are... Your LIVING WATER.

...Life and salvation and freedom... and we surrender to Your love... your way... your LIGHT.

Because of Your love... we are Nazir... we are Holy.


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