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I AM: The Butterfly

I don’t think I can adequately express the level of transformation my life has taken over the course of the last 8 months… the last year even… but I’m going to start by sharing three pretty big changes… and a major bonus at the end lol! 🤷🏽‍♀️

1. I became predominantly vegetarian (pescatarian is probably more accurate but I don’t eat fish often so 🤷🏽‍♀️) because I love nature… and I figured I could try to love it more… and let it love me back- by making my body feel clean, whole, strong and just freaking GREAT!

2. I began doing yoga and meditation daily, FAITHFULLY- noticing my body doesn’t feel as relaxed if I skip yoga and my day can’t properly get started without my meditation space- my mind clearing time... ✌🏾

3. My husband and I both began embracing minimalism- hence the tiny house on wheels lol 🦋- so we could get out of debt AND travel at the same freaking time!!!

Along with more daily living type changes I’ll share later, all these shifts have impacted my life one major way!

I am genuinely, unshakably at peace and HAPPY with my life, from the depths of my soul… for the first time. Don’t get me wrong- I’ve had MAJORLY joyful moments throughout life- I’m generally a pretty happy go lucky type of chick… but my soul was still carrying heavy pain behind the scenes. But today, and I believe, ever onward- THAT pain is GONE. I can move forward with my life, exploring with my boo, having babies, capturing and EXPERIENCING LIFE in all the worlds most beautiful places without mental distraction- and let me tell you: I want NOTHING more than to have my beautiful husbands babies and just be filled by their presence… watching THEM feel life’s glory! Because I know THAT will FILL me too! 🦋😍😍😍

Nothing is ever perfect… but my heaven on earth is close enough! 💙🌎🦋 I feel beautiful. I feel free! I am in love not only with my man and my family, but for the first time ever- with ME.

How you like that, Satan!? You thought you had me, but you never did. I just couldn’t see what God saw in me. I didn’t even know how to look myself in the mirror… until now.

THAT’S freedom!




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