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Learning to Live Slowly

Hey, hey all you beautiful people I love!

As many of you know, I've spent the last several months on the road, journeying the west coast... tapping into nature and getting to know my most authentic self... I've spent much time in meditative thought, practicing mindfulness, meditation and yoga. Spending time with God all alone in the wilderness has given me the strength to surrender to the unknown while also truly and completely following the path that Father has laid out in front of me, whether or not I know exactly where He's taking me.

During this both literal and holistic journey, I've discovered my ability to carry with me the true peace of God, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. And today, as I step back into Home , I carry with me a slower, happier and more productive pace, an ability to turn away the things that do not add value to my life or align with the goals of my spirit and most importantly, I hold an unyielding sense of inner peace, joy and self and love...

So! For those who would hope to join me on this journey, no matter where you're living, I wanted to share a beautiful resource (check out the button below) and something I'll be doing for the next 7 days as well! I've been following Sadia of Pick Up Limes for a few years now and her work is always such a blessing! For those of you who have followed my transition from "meatatarian" to vegetarian, Pick Up Limes has been one of my main recipe resources the whole journey! The vlog I'm sharing today is one I've shared on social media before- an amazing way to apply slow living practices to your everyday work life over the course of seven days! I pray it blesses you to know you can always begin again. Your life is your own- and it will be what YOU say it will be. Not your boss, your spouse, your kids... no one. Just you. And for me... the God that I serve.

For those who desire to learn to Live Slowly... or you know- just LIVE :


Bri <3


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