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The Face of Water

Sometimes our fear of being wrong can pressure us to fight to be right. And sometimes we know how “right we are” and the pressure to prove ourselves can still push us beyond the point of righteous anger, and into unrighteousness… therefore making us wrong.

But the only way to cast out sin or to correct what we see as wrong… is to walk in love.

Only from the lens of love can we see God’s full picture and therefore receive insight into the perspectives of others, beyond the limitation of what we “know.” This is also the safest and most non-threatening way to reach another soul. And even for you, can be the most freeing and peaceful path… if you let it.

From a fresh and peace-centered perspective in the heart of God, we are able to see more clearly when and how and if we should approach correction. This happens because God first corrects our posture, removing the spirit of heaviness from our backs and replacing it with His complete truth… that His burden is Light and that the simple truth of “being right” matters far less than His peace and Him blessing you with the strength of gentle character.

Yes, there is some truth in that we must sometimes allow ourselves to be gently pushed (which hopefully you’re doing even now) and we may need to gently push others into perceivably uncomfortable understandings, but gentleness is the key. This is who God is. A good and loving Father. An encourager and the Light of existence. With the loving-kindness of the Father, we can exhibit His grace and precious mercy… becoming Light- becoming the EXAMPLE of righteousness- and it is His mercy and HIS justice that convicts because of HIS love.

So… don’t pressure yourself to be right… to be perfect… when all you need to be is His. You are love… let yourself be love. Even this is gentleness… to LET yourself be love.


When we can seat ourselves beside His still waters, allowing Him to cleanse us of our despair, His blessed and fresh perspective causes all force, anger and bitterness to be laid aside… in exchange to understanding, forgiveness and a state of True and everlasting peace.

A dry and bitter heart will act from a place of pain… but remember…

In the beginning…the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters…

He created this earth and birthed you out of those same waters… therefore when we come home to stillness, God leaves no space for that spirit of heaviness you carry.

Allow that spirit of heaviness to be cast out and LET yourself be lifted up… by the peace of God… found in just sitting down. 🙏🏾

Faith without works is dead… but works without faith, burns out love.

God bless your journey…


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