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There is truly something to “learning to be a wanderer”...

It’s easy to assume some people are just born as free spirits. I’d like to think there’s always been a bit of a gypsy soul within me... but my whole life, I’ve lived in a world that looked down upon the people who wandered from place to place (whether that be mentally or physically) saying they “couldn’t make up their minds” or “they needed to settle down”. I heard that... and while I had this yearning in my soul to be free and unchained to the social norms, the voice of those naysayers would somehow make sense... ‘cause how could you have a stable life without tying yourself to stable ground? Right??

Hmm... well, one thing these last six months of untethered forward momentum have taught me is that even though I’m wandering from place to place, my soul has never felt more still... more at peace... more ALIVE! There has come a balance that I’ve never known before... I can go where I want, do what I want, completely unattached to a singular land but I remain so driven, so focused and so relaxed about it all... Everyday, I become less and less afraid of the unknown. I see the world anew... I see Truth. Because while others see themselves as living apart, hidden within separate cultures in individual cities and countries, I see the earth as a whole and as all mine... this family as all mine, because it is all His! All home! I see smiling parents showing their babies the majesty of the ocean and the assorted colors of the birds in the air... I FEEL the mountains and the wind, I actually run into the waves and put my hands on the bark of mile high trees... and I feel LIFE. The earths and mine... for what seems the first time ever. And then I return to this... writing, sharing, breathing... remembering and giving you whatever bit of hope I can... while I hope it moves you... forward. Into the unknown.

Know yourself again. Know peace. Know love. Know joy! Know truth... receive freedom. Come undone... unashamed to be ALL that you are... no matter who’s watching and in spite of what they say!

This is YOUR LIFE ...and you only get ONE.


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