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Slow Living Artist

What does it mean to me that I am... a Slow Living Artist? thing simply.

That rather than live within the trauma-induced state of fear and anxiety I once suffered through, reliving painful memories, time and time again... feeling as though every time I'd just broken free, I'd just be anxiously waiting... expecting someone to swing the axe my way again...

But now... instead of sitting in that space of turmoil... I have HIS permission to retreat. To discover what was always waiting for me... Victory! Where once I thought it looked like I was running... and I judged myself for it too... for the first time in my life... I've learned that embracing yourself and your freedom is truly okay. It's more than okay- it is good. It is purpose and destiny... because in this embrace, you find your relationship with God. He is the One who speaks.

And Now...

I am free! No longer will I respond to the world through the state of my suffering... fearful of judgment, slandering, and disappointment. No longer will I live in a constant flux state of anger, anxiety, and fear, or preparing myself for disputes before trauma has even occurred.

Now... I will go forward... no longer turning back.

...for I have been granted access to Greater. I have been given the keys to my freedom, hand-delivered to me by my Father, that I may live with Him.

I have returned to my birthright. Our birthright.

I live within Him. I move within Him... wandering as freely as I wish, for He has shown me the truest and most pure desires of my heart. I set my eyes, my heart, my life... focused on the Mountain. Every waking moment, I can sit with Him... He embraces me as soon as I open my eyes! I sing and dance and laugh with Him in His precious hills, allowing the water that is His glorious and beautiful Spirit... to wash me over… again.

And as I sit here... basking in His glory... my light... my wings flutter and burn so brightly as His face shines upon my own. He teaches me that there is no need to run but rather, simply allow myself to take flight... flexing the muscle of His righteousness... His gifts... His authority...

Like Him, like my King, I sit down, awakening to Stillness within me… and the Fire of freedom and Truth consumes me.

Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I no longer fear evil. Darkness has no place within Him... And though it may still exist outside... the point is that I decide.

He is the key. He is heaven. He lives with me... and I live in Him.

He was always... Is always.

Here in His presence, I remember. Here... in the glory of His terrain… I am safe. I drink from His well… I am filled... with serenity. I am peacefully transcending... overflowing... at all times.

And then… and now... I open my eyes to a world that is not harming me the way I once feared it was... but is truly a place of Wonder.

Of Beauty.

And the Spirit is everywhere. He is in every... living, breathing, beautiful thing.

Unhidden... Alive in plain sight.

And now, my eyes are lifted up. My soul is rested... and humbled and free... and any word demons try to whisper, I hear and discern with crystal clarity - for I hear with no fear. No longer can they threaten me with their lies... no longer can the darts strike me down.

I am strong. Courageous. I am free... finally hearing... the Truth... in the Spirit of Christ Jesus.

And I remember…

I am not alone. Because HE whispers, "Forgive them... for they know not what they do. They know not who they truly are… they are scattered.


And I remember… once long ago…

...once even... moments ago… I was lost too.

But now, here in THIS present stillness… we remember…

…we are free.

And He is everything.

You don't have to go it alone my friends. You can simply... go... slow... that you might Remember too... finally hearing the Spirit in the Wind... the Voice of Truth... available within every moment... ready to water you. Ready, that you may consume Glory too.

Life is a journey…

God bless yours.

Live slowly and intimately one with God, Creation and the beautiful person you truly are.

Slow Living Artist is Live! Come and say hello!


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