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a Spirit-Led Path to the Authentic Self

Everyone is entitled to their own relationship with God... their own growth... their own walk and way of worship. Because God is Father of all... not just some, or a chosen few... ALL. He wants His children to love Him, knowing they can come directly to Him with all their needs, regardless of what the world says, does or thinks. Regardless of creed, nationality or culture... regardless of how or why they came or what look like when they arrive in His presence.

I pray your peace this day... and that your love for YOUR Father endures beyond all limitation... that you are able to stand through every trial, with the strength of Samson and the ceaseless, enduring faith of Paul. ...and if you don't know that you have strength and faith... I pray your ability to look a little deeper, because He is within us ALL, from the womb and absolutely NO circumstance of life can change this- regardless of what you may have been led to believe. He is YOURS and you were never truly alone.

In many ways, we are all much the same. We all have battles to be won... by the same Father and defender of our faith- no matter what may block us from knowing this truth... especially in that, while these road blocks vary in size shape and color, we ALL have to face them, head on.

Pray for your brother or sister today. We all need that.

Not one of us is perfect, nor have we ever been... and the world wants us to believe we have to be something or someone we are not. Deep down, we all know this to be true, and yet we still try to rise to that occasion... but...

...what if we could just surrender to the unknown? ...the possiblity of something More. Someone... greater... both ourselves, and the One who can help us discover and be the truth of our own identity? ...what if there was a way...... to be the purely authentic baggage-free self you know is inside you…?

Don't ignore the need of your spirit to be… free. Follow His call... into the unknown… and then find a way to just be… still… knowing God is Creator... and this world may fall, but the Creator of it all... cares for little old, you. In Him, you are safe, you are loved... and the once thought impossible... IS reality. You need only ask… for your freedom... and then... trust Him.

God bless your journey.


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