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A Vision of Balance

Learning balance is 100% an artform!

Watching others figure out their teeter totter, has definitely been a blessing to me, as it's such an encouragement while I journey to discover my own... balance.

So, today, hats off to my big sister, Romae! Wife to a well-to-do, highly intellectual budding activist (also known as a busy body lol), mother of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 crazy kiddos with minds and lives of their very own that she's graciously helping them cultivate! (Yall should see their schedule alone- talk about bonkers!!) She's a teacher AND a student (*clears throat... DOCTA in training )... a writer and a poet though many may not truly know it... YET. A minister... A fierce and DEEPLY loyal friend, daughter, sister, niece... just all around central family member type chick... and then is still learning how to just be... simply... Romae.

You, my sistersoul, are magic. The epitomy of Black girl MAGIC.

The kind where the pressures the world would try to put on you... and sooooo many other black women, SPECIFICALLY... you CHOOSE not to let them phase you. Not because it doesn't hurt sometimes... but because God taught you to GIVE IT ALL over to HIM- which allows you the space to sit back and see the blessing of being so many things for the world... that make up the simplest blessing of simply... BEING.

You know He will wipe clean your slate... each and every day... one day, week, month, year at a time... so that when you come to old granny age- your heart will know... I've won at this thing called LIVING. Not just life but... LIVING... because you'll have mastered it well... and in so doing, become a vision of what it looks like for those who would aspire to follow you... as you follow your God.

My God, how I enjoy the adventure it is to SEE you... ***Cue the applause!

Romae is an artist of words and has spent the last 33 years inspiring me with her wisdom! If you'd like to follow her journey, check her out on Instagram where every now and again, something she shares in her life can speak life into your situation.


Sidenote - whoever saw fit to build this little beauty on the side of a back road in Arizona... you're a winner. You were smart enough to use glue to hold it all together... because you know when we try to find that balance all on our own... we fall... like over and over again. Find your glue... find your God.

God bless your journey.

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