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Creating LOVE

I have so deeply needed this break... this journey I’ve been on rediscovering my truest passion for my craft. I have found soooooo many things- but particularly, LOVE.

Love of self. A new love of life and deeper love for the love of my life. A more beautiful love of photography. Intimacy was the word God gave me. You see... everything had become work. Taking care of others when I couldn’t make time for myself and my man... having my heart and mind set on building success more than living in the beauty of creating, had turned my passion into a daunting task- keeping up with the “work” of it all translated into “keeping up with the Jones’s”. I hated that and that severe disdain was trying to poison my craft- and more importantly, poison ME. So I stepped away. Self care became priority one. And as I move forward now alive, the new order will remain.


Recently, I was blessed with the opportunity to capture one of the most beautiful maternity shoots I’ve ever done, for one of the most beautiful people I've ever known... all in the land that created me... colorful Colorado. Fitting, since as mentioned, a primary need for this personal hiatus has been to make time for living... and creating... but not just the art you see before you... Ty and I took a major step forward and we are so much more beautifully connected than we’ve ever been. As our love grows into spiritual heights, we know our next creation will be that of our love... our very own little angel and bundle of love. So cheers to those of you out there planning for babies and having the best time making them! Take your time no matter your age, have fun and worship! Intimacy is an act and gift of God!

Receive your Freedom! 🦋🦋💙⛰

We have!


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