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Farther Along ...the Way

I've sat and watched birds a lot lately. Coming down to Arizona, I imagined my main focus would be the mountains- that's ALWAYS my favorite thing to see. But lately... it's been the various colors of the ever-changing skies.... always illuminating the birds... and I feel a call to the wind and the waves... the fog and the ocean... but we'll talk about that soon enough, I'm sure they'll be there too...

... the birds.

I often wonder where they're headed... at least I used to... but more so lately, I've just watched and maybe even studied a bit how they move. How the wind drifts just under their bellies... how it sweeps up into the underside of their wings and they just catch it so effortlessly... because they're designed to...

Sometimes I giggle imagining how it must feel to have all that air in your face... but... I imagine the curve of their beaks must just make it glide right on by... they remain unfazed. I imagine it's the same, in how it may feel a bit abrasive to have the wind hit the tops of their wings as they dance with it... feeling that push and pull of the air- but these silly distractions are only because sometimes the mind makes you think of how it would feel if it were you.

But they... they were MADE FOR THIS. Created to face adversity and not even see it as such- made to fly and laugh and sing.... oh how I love when they sing. (Again- they could be cussing but I'd never know lol...) Such gentle sweet passerby songs are what I hear... they truly sound so peaceful. So joyous... just worshiping by living in their truest form of purpose. Catchin' worms to take back to their screaming young. Picking up sticks and what people see as trash to build proper homes. Flying free, they follow their leader to whatever new or maybe even old land they'd once possessed.... but because time has moved forward, maybe it'll somehow be... different. New... at least to them. Or maybe... perfectly, the same.

Who knows?

They just fly. I wonder if they wonder....... I watch them... catching just enough of a glimpse of flight each morning, to set my heart at ease. I'll never know what's going on in their minds... but mine... is at peace... as I sit still, acknowledging the next move... and yet...

Thanks, little birdie. You're cute. And WE ARE FREE...

...back to the skies, my eyes.


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