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Just a Lil' Love Story

You ever meet someone and just have a feeling that somehow, you're supposed to know them? Destined to...

Well that is how I now look back at meeting Ty.

Though we'd glanced at each other a few times passing by in the hallways before, there's one specific day, at Highland Park High School, where he was just a few feet away. I looked over at him, our eyes met... I noticed him looking at me and if I were his complexion, I'd probably have blushed- those butterflies... In that moment, I just thought he was beautiful. He had this long black hair that would sometimes have a few strands hanging in his eyes... just to highlight his amazingly chiseled cheek bones and the long, narrow slant of those beautiful dark brown eyes. In that moment, something just made us stare at one another a little longer than the normal side glance. A simple "hi" was all each of us said, still staring- our first and last words for many years... but now when I look back at that moment... there was a presence. An angel on his right and on my left... an angel that had whispered in each of our ears - look... SEE.

And so we saw... one another - truly... deeply, even if only for a moment.

We were both taken back then. But someday several years later, just when my heart had finally become prepared for true love, God's love, Ty's name was written across my mind as if we'd been old friends... so I looked him up online and said... hi.

He told me about his army career. He'd been serving since high school and had been to war... to know him, is to know a warrior in so many ways. I told him about my photography career- the same tool that'd been permanently attached to my hand since last we met... a seer, collecting moments, learning life. We talked about God, heart break and somehow, someday changing the world... we stared at the clouds and the stars together... dreamt of travel and ancient healing philosophies and chatted about so many wild ideas! To this day, one of my favorite questions he's ever asked me was, "Do you ever think about how we must be the only two people in the world doing exactly what we're doing right now... and how we are sooo small compared to how big the world is and how many people are in it?"... and yes- I had totally seen Armageddon. One of my favorite movies and favorite songs of all time... but he hadn't lol.

I giggled, in that moment I thinking, can life really be like a movie?

...a couple years later, as God would have it, our perfectly timed 2017 New Years kiss, was our first kiss as husband and wife.

...with Ty, I've learned life is what YOU make it. There are so many hills and valleys... and it won't be perfect but it can be a beautiful work of art. Makes me think of the Potter's hands and the power within them... what if you really are a masterpiece... and what if the earth is too...? If we can see so much raw beauty in the mountains, why can't we look within and see the same?


Today, we're still those same dreamers, inspired by the stary skies... and yet SOOO much has changed! We've grown, evolved... ARE everyday evolving... and those first talks we had about loving truly, seeing and changing the world... well, they are no longer words and mentally painted pictures,

but how we choose to LIVE.

LIVING deeply within the love of LIFE... the love of breathing new air and experiencing every day - this is what we know as success - and sharing our path to discovering who we are and what we're capable of, has become our way of changing the world -

one breath, one day... one soul at a time... the way God changed us!

The NATIVE ROAD is our journey... follow us, while we follow Him!


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