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Invisible, Impossible

I challenge you this day…

They say there are colors and therefore sights your eyes cannot see because the atmosphere we live in is not privy to them.

…there are sounds only certain animals can hear because their frequency is too low or high for our ears to receive them.

So even science will tell you- what you cannot see and cannot hear, still exists. And you believe…

I challenge you this day… what else is there moving about this earth that you wouldn’t believe was there if science hadn’t told you it was so?… Any scientist would tell you, science is not a perfect science but in its very nature is a constantly evolving art… changing, growing, and expanding only at the rate which human function and perception is capable- or open to…

Discovery is not an invention. It was already there and we realized a way to use that which was created. The atom is real and within EVERYTHING you see, hear, touch, smell and taste…. everything your senses partake. And yet- the atom is invisible even to the highest form of a microscope.

But you believe?? Don’t you?

So what if someONE… was invisible to your untrained eye… impossible to hear by your untrained ear.

And what if that someone cleared your eyes so you could see, opened your ears so you could hear…

What then, would you believe?

Open Up.

God bless your journey.


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