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Love is the Root

Love... is the root of creation.

All... creation.

Worship is the obedience of freedom. It’s what happens when your hooked... invested in something... a God bigger than yourself! It’s the choice you make when you are free from your inhibitions and/or standing in a need. It’s the choice you make when you can’t help but be overwhelmed by your state of joy and exhilaration or even sadness, anger or pain. It is an action that takes over your body... when you allow it to... and sometimes even when you didn’t mean to or know you needed to.

Worship is the step that leads to praise. And praise looks and feels different in everyone, on everyday.

Don’t be afraid of your worship- that’s what they mean when they say don’t shuffle the spirit! Let it out and let it reign/rain completely over your moment. Because this moment right here... it’s YOURS... if you’ll take it! ...and no one can define it but the flow of God... the root of LOVE within you! 💯🤙🏾

Are you ready?! 🙌🏾🦋


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