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You know why it’s time for the creatives to come on out and make waves!?? Because it’s been long enough that the voice of a nation has been stifled by the spirit of lack!

For far too many generations, we’ve believed we had to make a certain amount of money or reach certain level of “status” to be successful. And where has that “fact of life” gotten us??? ...dead end jobs.... still living paycheck to paycheck... Or even if you’ve made bank, your joy is diminished because you still don’t know what the true definition of SUCCESS is!

Joy and fulfillment, peace and LOVE OF LIFE! If you don’t know what those are or even how to attain the essence of each (even one) of them, you will never be successful.

And so the creative voice reigns!

The #CREATOR reigns!

We reconcile to purpose and we MAKE our way in the world! Art was once shunned because you “can’t make any money doing that”... and yet now- we wander freely, not worrying about a penny because we yearn for freedom rather than funding (sometimes being pushed away is a blessing)! And thus, funding comes- THE WAY WE WANT IT TO COME!

MAKE A WAY! MAKE WAVES! As a wave crushing the shores, every moment, pushing that shore back no matter how long it takes!

Oh... and make means CREATE! What can you create??? Well - the choice is up to YOU! And THAT is truly what your enemy stole from you when you began believing you had to be his definition of success.


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