the enemy of SHAME

Your fear of being judged can cause you to judge.

Be cautious.

Before you point your finger (or even while you’re pointing it or afterwards, if that's where you're at right now) be sure to look inward. ALLOW Him to correct you. Be humble, be gentle, breathe and forgive… yourself and others.

There is NO SHAME in Christ Jesus. This means, no matter where we are at in our walk, as long as we choose to keep going forward, we will make it to a better place.


...when you are free, when you correct another, you’ll have the whole story- better understanding your own heart and thus, theirs- and you will have attained the LOVE He graced you to give.

Yes. Grace is a GIFT.

Father teaches you to forgive, by first forgiving YOU... so you know what it feels like to carry pain, and be released from it- thus, creating in you, a heart that can release others from their pain, worry, anguish and mistakes too.

And this act... this ability to forgive is LOVE ...the thing you've been seeking all along. True and unconditional...


When people misunderstand and judge you, it's not "always because they don't love you." That voice in your head is wrong. It may just be that they don't yet know how to show you the love you need. But remembering that we've all made mistakes, is what helps us to truly be deserving of the love we hope for. Do not lose your hope. Do not give up praying that someday they'll know the beauty of true love and compassion.... friendship. Because maybe, just maybe, your light will be the one that causes their flame to flicker once more.

Try your best to be the love you long for, knowing that before all else, love is patient... because it suffers long and yet still must find it's way to kindness.

THIS place of true love... is your freedom... your peace... your joy and just return. Living here allows you to know that no matter how long it may take others to acknowledge your truth, so long as love rules your heart, joy and peace will always be your reality.

In love, you know who you are.