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True Religion Over GOD???

Religion, even true religion, is a man made construct. It is NOT God.

Religion is a tool, created to help us find a way to commit ourselves to the Father’s truth and promise- to His commitment to us. And as such, religion is merely a means of worship.


Do NOT confine yourself to the lie that tells you your way of worship is the only way to see God. Revelation will show you that there are MANY churches (even outside of the religion you relate to- a deeper discussion for another day) and it will also show you which one you are a part of... and the focus YOU must keep in order to not be left behind when the Truth comes to set YOU free.

JESUS lived a LIFE- His life was the example not just Him as a person, but the choices He made and WHY HE MADE THEM - which is why He always pointed to the FATHER over Himself! THINK family! Use the mind and the heart that Father gave you to step outside of self for a moment and THINK. if you cannot do this, it is likely your heart is locked away and only an open heart and open mind can continue to GROW! What are you so afraid of- that He will be disappointed in you for trying to open up a little?? Or is it truly that you fear you will lose your RELIGION?? Maybe both?

Remember- losing religion is NOT losing GOD. He is too BIG, too GREAT for that- otherwise He would not be the God you serve! HE will keep track of YOU and because He knows you truly love Him, He will not let you lose yourself but FIND who you truly are! Trust me- I know.

Or maybe trust this: Matthew 10:39



When you walked out of the church because of hurt or anger, understand whom you were/are angry with. Who actually hurt you- was it God or was it man....... was it the man in the church or was it the man who “told you who you were” before you set foot inside the church???

Remember who you ARE. Remember why you walked in those doors in the first place.

Choose WHO you put your faith in wisely. LISTEN with a fine ear and most importantly an OPEN heart. Your heart can be beaten, bruised, worn down and tired- and STILL, if it remains open- if YOU remain open, you WILL hear AND KNOW truth. You will KNOW when God is speaking to you. Do not cower. You’ve come this far DO NOT TURN BACK NOW. Be brave, my love. Heed His every command.

GOD is THEE strong fortress and He will protect YOU if you let Him- ALWAYS.




You are ALL stronger than you think you are.


It is time to CHOOSE.

Faith or fear.

There is no perfect. There is only coming home to our Father.

The God of ALL gods. He IS the universe, the sun and the moon. All life flows not just from physicality but SPIRIT AND SPIRIT SPEAKS! MOVES! LIVES!!! You are more than flesh! You are little gods- but there is ONE who knows you better than you know yourself. Who knows creation as He is called CREATOR.

...and He loves you. Still.


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