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Walking Into Freedom

When God gives you your truth... begin to WALK in it.

Your purpose... is found within your freedom. So often we think vice versa... and while that is also true, it is not the path. You MUST seek freedom first, otherwise, your purpose can become distorted by the thoughts and reactions of others who seek freedom and purpose and would take yours to do with as they see fit. This can happen intentionally and completely by accident... so FIRST- seek the kingdom. Find God. Find YOURSELF. Discover who you are... and you will come face-to-face with your purpose along the way. And then... you will walk into destiny with eyes wide open and a heart so filled with freedom, ready and willing to serve.

I love God for teaching me this...

for teaching me and GIVING to me, who I am, not just what. This is how He is giving me LIFE! And I claim the right and the spiritual authority, to give life to YOU.

Here's the key- and it is nothing of my own... but your birthright! - Listen.... to HIS voice! ...for we come in the name and power of our Father! I know who I am. Rightfully so... and God is saying, “YOU know who you are and who I have called you to be!”

When you need help... you have a friend in Jesus...

Follow GOD. He will always send you His way... even when you think you’ve messed up, with Him at your heart’s center, you CANNOT go wrong- there is NO CONDEMNATION in them that love Him! Because while covered by His love, all along your journey, He will send angels to help guide and protect you... continually sharing His voice with you.


You’re not alone. I love you. God loves you more. ✌🏾❤️💋🦋🙏🏾

God bless your journey into faithfulness...


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